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Rumi and Ray have lived far from simple lives in far away places and as a result have too many thoughts and opinions to keep to themselves. They also have very loud voices... especially after a night out on the town, but that's a story for another day. The blog started as a hobby they could do together but they soon realized the impact the blog had on them and others, especially other Indians living internationally.

In case you're wondering, Rumi and Ray have been childhood besties forever. To be more precise, since they were children (How did you guess?). Also, why are we talking in third person? 

Let's start with Rumi.

Rumi is the quintessential girly girl but with a twist. She is equally and thoroughly familiar with the concepts of how to pick a romance novel and the physiology of arrhythmias. 

That's right. She's a doctor and a romantic (TM TM: movie title), which makes for a confusing scene on her over stuffed bookshelves where historical romance novels with dubious book covers lean precariously against heavy medical textbook tomes of Grey's Anatomy and such. Both frequently and meticulously read...and watched. 

She's also a makeup genius and can tell you the designer, label, the season, and the inspiration of any outfit that you subject to her scrutiny. So, watch out! 

One of her favorite people happens to be, yes, the other one after the 'and' on our website. Say hi to Ray!

Ray will make you reexamine the words, "I don't react to ASMR"... but for the reading kind. 

Give her any topic to talk about and she will go into a detailed monologue with strong storylines, sub plots, side missions, cutscenes, and even item numbers. Add that to her strange obsession with eclectic music, video games, a bizarre tendency to not use any swear words ( she says 'what the bad words' instead) and you're left with an adorably perplexing character. 

If you wanted to find the absolute opposite of Rumi, look no further than Ray. 

The one thing they have in common though is that they will giggle, chuckle, snicker, laugh out loud, chortle, cackle, roll on the floor laughing, guffaw, and laugh their asses off...together...always. 

And that, my friend, is Rumi and Ray. 


PS - can you guess who is whom on the blog banner?

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