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Ray’s background is in science but has spent the past couple of years in the oh-so-hot world of coding and computers and... stuff. Through snorty laughter, a sincere lack of badwords, and awful puns masquerading as uproarious comedy, Ray doesn't mind sharing these attempted jokes with anyone who happens by. And, you happened by...right now. < wiggling eyebrows />

Here are those series that Ray contributes to:

CutieCoding: Unusual tips and tricks to help bloggers and people who just want to move faster...with code.

Sweet Everythings: Dessert recipes that will make you mmm...moan.

#IMHO: Rumi and Ray write honest reviews of books, movies, TV shows, local businesses, your life...well, you get the picture!

The Ad-alat: Reviewing Indian ads in the harshest rating system of 'alat' or 'palat' (meaning, stay or leave)

Being Art'ruistic: When artsy-fartsy means getting serious about it...the artsy bit at least.

The Genarians: A comic strip that features sometimes comical, sometimes pivotal moments in each generation.

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