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Picture this:

A girl sitting in a darkened movie theater furtively reading the ending of the movie she is about to watch before her husband catches her and takes her phone away.

Flash forward two hours:

Picture the same girl sobbing her eyes out while furtively wiping her running nose on her husbands shoulder, crying because the hero has cancer. A fate she already knew would befall him.
That girl, my friends, is Rumi.

Rumi is what you would call an old world romantic. The more knights, princesses and love stories the better.

So when time came to pick a nom de plume - she knew immediately. She's been an admirer ever since he first came into her life in 'The Forty Rules of Love' by Elif Shafak.

Everyone knows Rumi (the OG but hey a girl can aspire), but that novel struck a chord and a lasting impression was made. Rumi hopes that through her writing and thoughts, she too will make a lasting impression, both in love and in life.

Here are the series that Rumi contributes to:

Stalker Status: Rumi loves stalking...celebrities! Um...virtually!'s not creepy! We swear!

Married Mondays: Married and ready to face the Rumi talks about love, life, marriage, and why Mondays are the best days to talk about it.

Down The Rabbit Hole: Internet does what it does best: time-wasting. And, Rumi goes exploring the well of 'related topics'.

Sartorial Schizophrenia: Shopping and fashion tips that will make you go "I can totally rock that!"

#IMHO: Rumi and Ray write honest reviews of books, movies, TV shows, local businesses, your life...well, you get the picture!

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